Dear Reader

Lynn Flournoy is a pen name near and dear to my heart.  But just because I write fiction under a pen name doesn’t mean you don’t get to know who I am.  I am many things but most importantly I am a creator.  A creator of life, of rambling gardens, of half decent art.  I am a creator of words and stories.  Just as I am a reader of tales both old and new.   I love to read and read anything from Douglas Adams to Jane Austen. I’m not picky.  It is my hope that my love of words will come through to you in my poems, short stories, and blog post.  Hopefully one day soon it will come through in my novels as well. 

I am drawn to stories, both the telling and reading of them.  When I was a child I would sit with my Granny while she told me stories or read me books.  I can still remember the family with a crooked mouth who just wanted to blow out their candle and go to sleep.  We read She-Ra, Princess of Power so many times I had it memorized and would correct any who dared make a mistake.  

Art can save your soul.  Writing can save your soul. I know it saved mine years ago. All those angsty emotions you suffer from when you’re 16; feelings the world couldn’t possibly understand. They needed a way to escape and writing gave them that. 

 I come from a long line of storytellers. Full of wit, sass, and snark. When stories of the “good ole days” run out we make up something new. It’s who we are and on these pages you will find some stories told from other family members as well as my own.  It’s important to remember who you came from and the stories they can tell.  

Lynn Flournoy