The Oracle’s Dilemma, Vol. 2. An Isles of Mist Short

Jan Erik Waider


Coming up with the idea to have a plan wasn’t the problem. Coming up with the plan was proving to be the trickier part of things. Keyne never lets Dragon-Breath out of his sight, rarely does he remove it from his back unless it’s to wield it. Keyne used the ax, Dragon-Breath to help save the Magus from being completely destroyed during the wars with the humans. Now that the mist has come and our isles are only known to those humans who live here, he rarely uses the ax as a weapon now. Just the occasional battle with Malachi, a dragon from a nearby Isle who will occasionally pick a fight. It’s more their way of staying sharp than anything else, they have never truly harmed one another. It is mostly a training tool. One he keeps sharp should the tides of man rise again. I had to get the ax away from him and direct him on the course to find it without drawing suspicion to myself. I wasn’t sure I could. I still had to try.

I guess I’ll wing it. What could go wrong?

I still didn’t have a real plan as I dressed for dinner that night. Just a vague idea about pretending to take Keyne up on his offer to share his pallet for once. I have never been interested in the idiot. A fact he took as a challenge instead of a refusal. I could pretend to give in and steal Dragon-Breath as he slept. Getting it Georgia would be easy if I could ever get it out of his hands. As the Oracle, I had more than enough magic to transport it there even if I didn’t want anyone to know that little bit of information. I figured in his usual drunken state, Keyne would be easy enough to fool into believing I had changed my mind about bedding him. And with enough mead, he would fall asleep before it came to that. My bigger concern was stopping him from blaming Malachi and running off to do something foolish before I could send him to Georgia. I also needed to keep him from realizing it was really me who stole the ax. I have no idea how to do that though. I guess I’ll wing it. What could go wrong?

I was going to need more than mead to get through this night.

Downing a pint of mead as I readied myself for dinner. Slipping on my most revealing dress and pulled my hair into a loose knot that allowed most of it to flow down my back. I had just enough wave to make it look a tiny bit wind blown without looking tangled. I knew Keyne liked it this way. He made a point of telling me all about how I should wear it like this all the time. He’s such an idiot. As though I, the Oracle, didn’t know how he liked a woman’s hair, or as though I cared what he thought of mine. I took extra care with my makeup. Anyone else would be suspicious with that alone. I never bothered with makeup. I have the power to throw out a glamor powerful enough that the other gods can’t see through it even if they know it’s there. Luckily, it would never occur to him to question my looks or my change of heart tonight. He would just think he had finally won “our little game” as he always called it. I was going to need more than mead to get through this night.