The Oracle’s Dilemma Vol. Fifiteen, An Isle of Mist Short


The days drug on as I wandered around North Georgia. I decided to go spend time in the mountains there. I really did love the place. I stuffed myself with good food, spent my days hiking parts of the Appalachian Trail, and my nights drinking hot chocolate by the fire in the back of my cabin. I was lonely. I missed the clan. While I rarely included myself in clan activities, I was always able to watch and enjoy the closeness. Most of all, I missed Keyne. It was odd that after only two days together, I would miss him so much. We had had fun together those days. We had laughed and talked about life. We had similar taste in music, we laughed at the same type jokes, and while we would never agree on what movie to watch, we liked the same books. The books had been surprising. I had never thought he would be a reader but apparently, he read often while away from the clan. I felt bad for him knowing he had to stay away from his home to be himself. I wondered if that would change if he settled down and had a wife. The thought of him having a wife upset me greatly. I almost broke my self-imposed “no spying on the Weather God” rule just to make sure he wasn’t with some wench this very moment.

I was so upset by this thought I didn’t even hear the great clap of thunder. I didn’t notice my chair shake or the wave in the flames of my fire. I was so angry Keyne was all but on top of me before I realized I was not alone in the yard any longer. When I did notice him, I was so startled my heart stopped.

“What do you mean sneaking up on me like that? You almost scared me to death! And for that matter why are you here? Erwin said I would have time to be alone!”

“Woman, would you stop yelling for just a minute, please. One- Erwin does not know I am here, or he does now, probably, but I was not on our Isle when I came here so he did not know of my plan. Two- As for startling you, I am sorry, but I hardly can be accused of sneaking. I saw your chair shake as I landed and I am certain the entire mountain community heard the thunder, even if they have no idea why it happened. And three- as for why I am here, I missed you and needed to see for myself if you hate me or not.”

I was confused. Part of me was angry he did not give me the space I had asked for, but mostly I was glad he did not.
“I missed you as well. I do not hate you. I was hurt and confused. I still am, but I do not hate you. I don’t think I could. I like the Keyne I traveled with. I do not know what to do now though.”

Wrapping his arms around me, he held me close for a long while. After a few moments, I looked up into his eyes, and he lowered his head, brushing his lips against mine. It was a sweet kiss, full of promise. “Let’s go home, love. We will figure it out, I promise.”
Smiling, I pressed my head to his chest once more and gathering my powers around us I took us home.