Trying to get myself together…

I have been super busy of late, between work, school, and life in general I have not been writing anything that isn’t school related.  I find myself sitting in my research class, thinking up plot lines and characters.  I day dream about the world I am creating in my head.  What I need to be doing is focusing on Autism and how it presents in females.  In the history of psychology and the humanistic movement.  In true to me fashion, as I near the end of the journey, I find myself becoming distracted.  I am slowly getting myself back on tract and will power through this last year and see this through.

I have also been giving a lot of thought to this blog.  I love blogging and want to continue doing so.  This means that there has to be some serious restructuring going on.  I haven’t decided exactly how I want to proceed.  What I am envisioning for this site is a sort of writers notebook where I work through the process.  I’ve just finished reading the DIY MFA book and I’ve really enjoyed it.  It has lots of exercises to work through.  I think I will work through them and other various writing challenges on the blog.  I will add some of my short fiction as well.  Knowing me, there will be more changes along the way.

Writing Groups and Such

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


I didn’t make my Camp NaNoWriMo Month goal but I did pretty well if I do say so myself. I am now playing with the idea of making the story a novella instead of a full-length novel. I have ideas but I just don’t feel like Inara and Mark have a novel in them yet. Time will tell.

I have joined a few writing groups lately. Hopefully, that will give me some writing friends and some accountability to make things move a little faster. Life is crazy but writing is one of my end goals so I just have to figure out how to make it work. I gots this!

One of my groups has an accountability spreadsheet that we should fill out daily. I’m more concerned about remembering to do that than actually writing. I’ve committed to 20 hours this month. That’s a little less than an hour a day. I should be able to do that on my lunch break or even in chunks during the weekend. I just have to remember, writing is like yoga for my mind. I have never left a yoga class regretting how I feel when I leave and I have never sat down to write and regretted having written. In fact, both activities make me feel better.

Writing is like yoga for my mind, I have never regretted doing either. I always feel better when I'm done.

In one of my other groups, there was an entire thread about getting new notebooks. Yall, I’ve found my people. Like the picture says, happiness is a blank notebook. The possibilities are endless there. Those blank pages can become anything, all I need is a good pen and some good music. Soon words fill the pages and no matter if it’s just a grocery list, those words, once written, become real.

words, once written, become real

This month may be a scheduling nightmare, I may spend the next year running in a thousand directions but I want to have a story finished by Christmas. I want to be working on the final draft come new years so that I can begin with the next story because I am loving the world I have made up inside my head and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. Finding these groups may be the life saver I need when things get overwhelming and I want to curl up and read a good book. They offer a link to encouragement, friendship, ideas, and advice. All invaluable in their own way.