How Did I Become a Writer?

I found the DIY MFA website a few weeks ago and have been loving digging around in there.  When the email came out about a Book Club with writing prompts hit my inbox I was fascinated.  Hesitant to add more to my schedule but fascinated all the same.  I decided to bite the bullet and sign up.  Beside, who cares if I get behind as long as I enjoy it and learn something along the way.  So without further ado, prompt 1:

My Writing Origin Story

I have always been a writer.  Even as a child I had a vivid imagination.  I would day dream and play pretend all day.  I remember being obsessed with Davy Crocket and taking my cousin on many adventures through the wild frontier.  I have little books I wrote in elementary school and various poems published from high school.  I have had many attempts at a blog.  None were successful but they all have brought me experience and happiness.

Writing a book was not something I ever really gave much thought to. I love writing poems and making up stories in my head. But to write a book seems so big.  Yet it hit all of a sudden and I knew it was something I have to do.  Just the act of preparing for that book has brought me joy.  The jotting down of notes, the planning of characters and the creating of worlds.  Even if my book never goes beyond my computer I am a writer.

Scared as Hell








Twist and turns alone the way follow the path for another day

-oh look! Whats that?

A trail through the wood

-I’m going to take it

I don’t think you should

-It could be a short cut, it could be fun

It could be a death trap, I think we should run.

Run right past it, stick to what we know.

-I’m going to take it, adventure awaits.

-I might learn something about who I am. I will at least see something new.

You’ll get lost and then what will you do?

-I’ll keep going forward and sooner or later I’ll make it through.

-I’ll be a better person and have new stories to tell

I guess you’re right but I’m scared as hell