Dear Reader

   I love to read, my only need being words. Anything from Douglas Adams to Jane Austen. I’m not picky. I hope that will come through to you in my poems, short stories, and blog post, and one day soon, in my novels as well.

   Writing can save your soul. I know it saved mine years ago. All those angsty emotions that you suffer from when you’re 16. Feelings the world couldn’t understand. They needed a way to escape and writing gave them that. As I grew older my need to create, it didn’t matter what, I just needed to create. I collect crafts like a child collects toys. No matter what my latest crafting adventure may be, I always return to words. Words offer me an escape from the reality of everyday life. They give me a way to sort through what is going on in the vastness of my own mind and help me learn who I am and what I want. They remind me of who I am.

   I come from a long line of storytellers. Full of wit, sass, and snark. When stories of the “good ole days” run out we make up something new. It’s who we are. Who I am and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lynn Flournoy