Scared as Hell








Twist and turns alone the way follow the path for another day

-oh look! Whats that?

A trail through the wood

-I’m going to take it

I don’t think you should

-It could be a short cut, it could be fun

It could be a death trap, I think we should run.

Run right past it, stick to what we know.

-I’m going to take it, adventure awaits.

-I might learn something about who I am. I will at least see something new.

You’ll get lost and then what will you do?

-I’ll keep going forward and sooner or later I’ll make it through.

-I’ll be a better person and have new stories to tell

I guess you’re right but I’m scared as hell

October’s Rejected 6 Word Stories


Prompt: Web Weaver

Peaceful walk turns into ninja training.

Glistening dew, silver thread, witches brew.

Caught, web of lies, woven together.

Love, a tangled thread woven together.

Prompt: Visitors

Warm fire, good food, laughing friends.

Prompt: Awakened

She release the past, embraces awakening.

Awakened, the sleeper sounds his call.

Running from things unknown, monsters awaken.

Prompt: Treats

Surprise, here you go, grandmas’ gift-basket.

Prompt: Gothic Maidens

Midnight dances in the rose garden.

Prompt: Under the Stairs

An ogre hides under the stairs.

Under the stairs, lived a wizard.

Prompt: Bitten

Moonrise calls me, stupid wolf bite!

A tender embrace, pleasure laced pain.

Pleasure/Pain, what’s in his kiss?

Never trust a blood red apple.