A Court of Frost and Starlight Book Review

A Court of Frost and Starlight

Sarah J. Maas

A Court of Frost and Starlight gives a small glimpse into the Night Court following the aftermath of the war.  With peace finally in view, Feyre and Rhysand struggle with their own horrors while trying to hold on to those oh so fragile threads.  As the winter solstice approaches we get to see into their lives and on occasion the lives of those they love.

My favorite quote:

“I painted until by back cramped and my stomach gurgled with demands for hot cocoa and dessert.  I’d known what needed to come out of me the moment I perched on the rickety stool I’d dusted off from the back.  I’d barely been able to hold the paintbrush steady enough to make the first few strokes.  From fear, yes.  I was honest enough with myself to admit that.  But also from the sheer unleashing of it, as if I were a racehorse freed from my pen, the image in my mind a dashing vision that I sprinted to keep up with.”

They are broken they are shattered, they are alive, they are together. For now, thats enough. #bookreview #ACOFAS
What  I liked

I loved this book.  I loved seeing a bit of how Morrigan and Cassian were feeling. That little tease of how Nessa is feeling was just enough to make me want her to have a story.  I liked knowing that despite everything that happened, that the good guys won, they are far from ok.  Sure, that made me cry a bit but what’s a book without some tears?  They are broken they are shattered, they are alive, they are together.  For now, thats enough.   And that teaser at the end.  I am almost as excited for the next Court novel as I am for an Kingdom of Ash in October.  By the time I finish that one I’ll be chomping at the bit to get back to Feyre and Rhys.  

What I didn’t like

The price.  This isn’t a full length novel and for $8.99 I would like a little more book for my buck.  I would have liked a little more from the other characters point of view.  Cassian and Morrigan got a couple of chapters and Nessa got one.  Everything else was told by either Feyre or Rhys.  I was fine with that until I realized Cassian got a chapter.  Then I got excited… and they didn’t have a chapter. 

Would I recommend it, to whom?

Since the day I read Throne of Glass, I have been on the Sarah J. Maas bandwagon.  Dragging my husband down this slippery slope right along with me.  She is now one of a select few authors whose book releases get marked on my calendar.  If you like fantasy she writes it well.  A Court of Frost and Starlight, alone with her other Court Of Thorns and Roses books have more romance than you typical YA books, (At least the ones I’ve read anyway), so I wouldn’t read them unless your ok with some bedroom scenes.  If you are, then grab a cup of coffee and snuggle down for a good read.  I would suggest that you start at the beginning with this series though.  You’re going to be really confused if you just pick up here.  This is a companion book that bridges a gap between books 1-3 and the next set of books.  

Also, if you are like me and the story of Beauty and the Beast is one of your favorites, this is certainly the book series for you.  The first book in the series is a retelling of sorts and the series takes off from there.

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