Trying to get myself together…

I have been super busy of late, between work, school, and life in general I have not been writing anything that isn’t school related.  I find myself sitting in my research class, thinking up plot lines and characters.  I day dream about the world I am creating in my head.  What I need to be doing is focusing on Autism and how it presents in females.  In the history of psychology and the humanistic movement.  In true to me fashion, as I near the end of the journey, I find myself becoming distracted.  I am slowly getting myself back on tract and will power through this last year and see this through.

I have also been giving a lot of thought to this blog.  I love blogging and want to continue doing so.  This means that there has to be some serious restructuring going on.  I haven’t decided exactly how I want to proceed.  What I am envisioning for this site is a sort of writers notebook where I work through the process.  I’ve just finished reading the DIY MFA book and I’ve really enjoyed it.  It has lots of exercises to work through.  I think I will work through them and other various writing challenges on the blog.  I will add some of my short fiction as well.  Knowing me, there will be more changes along the way.

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