The Oracle’s Dilemma Vol. Fourteen, An Isle of Mist Short

I felt mildly bad for leaving him in Savannah but I knew he had the ax and could get home. It would just take him longer to get here than for me to flash us back. It would undoubtedly give me plenty of time to stew over the meddling with my powers. I could forgive everything else but not that. They made me question who I was and my abilities to serve my purpose. That took things much too far.
As I stalked into my rooms I threw myself on my pallet and cried. I have no idea how long I was like that before there was a knock on my door.

“GO AWAY!” I yelled, not knowing who I was yelling at.
“I will not do that Oracle, I feel I must speak with you at once.”

Ugh, it was Erwin. There was nothing for it, I had to speak with him, he was our king, the Khan, and when he wanted to talk, you talked, want to or not. “Forgive me, Erwin, I am upset and not fit for company today.”

“I know La’el, and as your distress is in no small part my fault, I have come to offer my apology. I should have realized how you would take the dampening of your powers. I only dampened your ability to transport and shielded you from conversations with Keyne about his plan. I had not realized how connected you are to all of your powers. I should have.”

“I thought I was losing my powers. They are who I am, what makes me The Oracle. The burden of being so is heavy but it is mine and I do not wish to lose it. I do not wish for anyone else to have to bear it either. When one of my powers is lessened, they all are to some degree. When you hampered my ability to transport us home, I was then unable to call up clothes for myself, I was unable to protect us from the insects and dangers of the swamp, I could not keep myself comfortable on our miles of walking. It weakened me. It also hindered me from knowing what was to come and what was happening here. Had there been trouble here I would be unable to send Keyne to help you. The discomfort of the swamp faded, Keyne handled the clothing, and I suppose nothing happened here. None of that is the point though. You lessoned who I am and made me question myself. I do not like feeling less than who I always have been.”

“I had no idea your powers worked like that. For that, I am truly sorry. I was only trying to help my fool of a son. For some reason, he thought the best way to win you was to go through all of this. Talking to you was out of the question for him. He said you would not have listened.”

“He is right, I would not have listened to the drunkard he is when he is home. I find I like the Keyne who I trekked through a swamp and wondered the streets of Savannah with much better.”

“Keyne has always felt he must maintain that drunkard reputation. I have a few ideas as to why but you must know La’el, the Keyne you traveled with is the Keyne who is my son, the real Keyne, God of Weather and War. And he has always been in love with you, he’s just not sure what to do about it.”

“I have not always been in love with him, I hardly liked him before two days ago. However, I have come to like him very much and were I not so hurt by what was done to my magic, I could love him one day as well. I need time Erwin, time to sort through all of this and decide how I feel about it. I know you meant no harm. You could not have known how my magic works, Oracle magic works like no other. In fact, you won’t remember that part of the conversation once you leave this room.-”
“No that is the way of it Erwin, only an Oracle is meant to understand our ways. Not even the God of Wisdom is to understand this. I wish to be alone for a few days. I will leave for a time but I will be watching and I will return soon. Please do not allow Keyne to follow me if he tries. He may not wish to after being left in the U.S. like he was.”

“As you wish La’el. I am sorry, truly.” With that The Khan left the room, chuckling under his breath.

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