The Oracle’s Dilemma Vol. 12 An Isle of Mist Short

The next morning, I woke refreshed and ready to hit the road. I was excited to visit Savannah. On my last trip to the south, I spent days there just wondering the city streets. I inhaled my breakfast, a bowl of fruit and coffee. I tapped my foot impatiently as Keyne ate his third plate of bacon and eggs. When he started talking about a waffle, I had enough.
“Let us go now. We can eat more when we get there. I will take us. I feel much better today.”
He didn’t argue with me as I thought he would. He just rose and threw away his plate.
“Let us go then.”
Once we were checked out and in a secluded area, I gathered my magic around us and with a flash we were standing at the entrance to Bonaventure Cemetery. Grabbing his hand I led him down the path, entranced by the majestic trees and moss. Even Keyne was impressed. Trust a Northman to understand honoring the dead. We spent hours wandering around the paths, stopping to rest on a bench overlooking the marsh and the curve of the river. It was a wonderful morning. Just enough chill in the air to make the day comfortable.
Soon my stomach rumbled and I realized I was hungry. Laughing, Keyne pulled me toward the entrance
“we should find lunch La’el, even you cannot deny your hunger now.” As luck would have it, a taxi was dropping off a family when we arrived at the gate. Before he could drive off, I was in the back seat holding the door for Keyne. “Could you take us to City Market please.” As much as I wanted some decent southern food, I knew Keyne would be less likely to enjoy it. I was hoping that while walking around downtown, something would catch our attention without us having to go to River Street. It was always so crowded there I hoped to avoid the place if I could. And at City Market, we could always grab a pizza if all else failed. After walking around for awhile we settled on Sweet Potatoes, a little place on Waters Ave. Thoroughly stuffed with gumbo, we resumed our ramblings.
“What do you say to another night love, I think there is more of this city to see.”
“I would love to Keyne, that’s a wonderful idea!” Grabbing his hand I drug him off to explore more of the city. Around dark, I took him to River Street, I knew he would enjoy a pub crawl and I wanted to do something for him as well. As we climbed down those treacherous steps I noticed those men again. Keyne once again brushed off my concerns saying they could not possibly know who we were.
“Be that as it may, they knew where your ax was when they should not have, they were in the first place we stopped at, and now they are here. That is cause for concern to me.”
“You are right La’el, I will be more alert as we wonder. Gods woman, are you leading me to my death on these stairs?” He caught himself as he stumbled on the last two steps. They are incredibly steep. Giggling I took his hand “I’ve got you big guy” and with what I hoped was a saucy wink, led him to one of the crowded pubs.

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