The Oracle’s Dilemma Vol. 10, An Isles of Mist Short

As it would happen, our waitress, whose name was Alice was leaving work as we walked out the front door. I had been to nervous about the men to eat and Keyne followed me out of the dinner chastising me on how little I had eaten. He left out the part where he finished off my burger as well as his own.

“Hey y’all, I’m headed into town, do you two want a ride? It’ll be night soon and I hate to think of you walking these back roads in the dark.”

“Thank you Alice, a ride would be wonderful.” I got into her car before Keyne could protest, relieved at not having to walk any more. Surprisingly he didn’t argue, he just got in the back seat of the car next to me and wrapped an arm around my shoulder, pulling me close. I would normally protest but I was to tired.

He and Alice kept up a quiet conversation as we drove into town. Exhausted, I just kept my eyes closed and pretended to sleep. He told her all kinds of interesting things about us deciding to hike along the coast of the US and getting hopelessly lost in the swamp. We would get our bearings in town and a good nights rest. Then head out in the morning. He thanked her when we came to the hotel, and instead of waking me, he lifted me into his arms and carried me into the building.

“She’s gone now love, you can stop pretending to be asleep” he chuckled as he stood me on my feet in the lobby.

“I am not feeling myself.” I offered by way of apology. I left him to make arrangements for a room and busied myself looking at a the pictures on the walls. They appeared to all be of locations near to the area. They were lovely. I wish we had walked past those places instead of that horrid swamp.

“That place looks peaceful. Is it near here?” I startled at Keyne’s question, not realizing he had come up behind me.

“I believe so. The location says “Bonaventure Cemetery”, it must be a place they honor their dead.”

He stared, seemingly deep in thought for a moment, “then we shall go there before we go home. One more day will not matter. I like the look of the river and the trees behind it. I should like to see it for myself.”

“As you wish. I think it would be more lovely in person. Where is my room key, I would like to sleep?”

Smiling he shook his head and led me to the stairs. Once we were on the second floor, he turned and walked down to the very last room on the hall. I had no choice but to follow since he still had not given me a key or told me where my room was. He opened the door and motioned for me to wait a moment. After assuring himself the room was empty, he called me to join him. “I only got one room. Tonight we shall finish what you started.”

Running his finger over my cheek, he pushed the door closed with his foot.

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