The Oracle’s Dilemma, Vol.5, An Isles of Mist Short

Jan Erik Waider



I woke up to Keyne’s roar and a splitting skull. I could hardly focus but I had some vague notion as to what was going on. I was no drunkard even though mead and ale were common in our village. I mostly drank spring water. This feeling was new to me. How was he yelling like that, he had more ale than me?

“Would you knock it off, I think I may be dying.” I pleaded hoping this would make him stop yelling.

“Woman, Malachi has stolen my ax! This is no time for lazing around. Get up and use your magic to find Dragon-Breath! I will kill him this time!”

“Keyne, please calm down, I can’t think,” I begged as I sat and propped my back against the wall. Squinting, I held my head in my hands. “We don’t know that Malachi took Dragon-Breath. I remember putting it on the wall before we fell asleep. Malachi cannot lift it and I’m certain no one entered the room while we slept. Besides, even drunk, I think we would notice if a dragon came in here. Let me gather myself and I will see what I can scry.”

“Very well, you have an hour.” With that, he left the room bellowing for the Khan.

Besides, even drunk, I think we would notice if a dragon came in here.

Well, this would be great, I better hurry. I grabbed my shawl and ran to my quarters. I wasn’t concerned with the startled looks shot my way. The fools, they had to have noticed him carrying me out of the great hall, where else would I have slept?

Once back in my quarters I quickly freshened up and threw my hair into a quick bun. Gods, what I would give for some tea. Oh well, I’ll have to suck it up, this is my fault after all. Grabbing my mirror and herbs, I hurried to the great hall. That’s where the Khan would expect me. Luckily, I was the only one who could see in my mirror so I wasn’t worried about what it would show, they would only know what I told them.

As I entered the hall Keyne was pacing in front of Erwin. The Khan, for his part, had an amused look on his face and simply watched his hot headed son. When I entered he offered me a cup of tea and had a chair brought out for me. “Tell me La’el, what do you see in your mirror? Has Malachi truly managed to sneak into the rooms of Keyne and steal Dragon-Breath from under his very nose?” He gave me a wink as Keyne turned his back and walked the other way mumbling under his breath. My heart sank, he knows. This would be bad before it got better. Now that the ax was in the swamp the only way to get it back was to go get it. My magic wouldn’t work if I couldn’t touch the object. He had to send Keyne on this quest so I could fix the mess Keyne has made handing out divinity.

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